january, 2021

tue19jan16:00tue17:00Daniel Serra at the future of mobility in citiesWe will have to reinvent how we move in cities in the future. Technology and innovation will help us to do so, and public administration will need to work closely with private sector, by Daniel Serra, Director of Innovation Hub South EIT Urban Mobility. 16:00 - 17:00

Event Details

Our world has been rapidly urbanizing in the last 50 years and this trend will surely continue, creating a big challenge for a reliable, affordable, efficient, sustainable and secure mobility. Technology provides great opportunities but requires different mindsets. People demands and behaviors are changing, even more because of the pandemic; new business models are disrupting mobility and a new ecosystem is emerging; governance issues are central to respond to these challenges. In this context, we will have a panel of experts to discuss about the future of mobility in cities.


  • Prof. Pascual Berrone, IESE Business School
  • Daniel Serra, Director, EIT Urban Mobility | Innovation Hub South
  • Sami Sahala, ITS Chief Advisor at City of Helsinki
  • Lucas Casasnovas, Responsible of Urban Mobility, SEAT

Moderator: Prof. Joan E. Ricart, IESE Business School

Organization of the panel

  1. Presentation of panelists and the topic by Prof. Ricart (5 minutes)

Mobility satisfies the right to access opportunities (Jobs, heath, education, entertainment, shopping, …)

Traditionally based on three pillars (Collective transport; Taxis; Private vehicles, mostly cars). Mobility very dependent of urban planning and modelling it; high consequences on pollution and energy use.

Recent trends: Electrification; digitalization; sharing business models; micro-mobility Radical transformation in mobility services and big impact of covid19.

How do we see the future of mobility in cities and therefore the new emerging mobility ecosystem? We have 4 excellent speakers to debate on it.

  • 5-minutes presentation (with or without slides) by each of the panelist answering the following questions:
    • Prof. Berrone:

What do think are the fundamental characteristics of the new emerging ecosystem in cities and the role of the public sector in it?

  • Mr. Daniel Serra: What technological disruptions are coming ahead and what role cities play as innovation hubs? As a consequence, how should regulations and citizens’ behavior change?

  • Mr. Sami Sahala

You have been involved in the deployment of a MaaS in Helsinki, what challenges did you have to overcome and how was the governance organized?

  • Mr. Luca Casasnovas

What is the role of private companies in the new mobility system? In particular, car companies as Seat and its new mobility unit?

  • Debate from the questions received by alumnae and integrated (moderated) by Prof. Ricart (25-minutes)

If there are no questions (something difficult to happen), I will ask questions around business opportunities associated to the strategic projects in European funds, Public Private Collaborations and governance issues, changes in urban configuration, and impact on business in cities.


(Tuesday) 16:00 - 17:00