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wed28feb15:30wed17:00Mobility Talks 23: How can data help us solve our mobility challenges?15:30 - 17:00

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Vast amounts of data flow through our transport system every day. While data-driven innovations, from the digital twin to the latest AI solutions, promise to tackle acute mobility challenges, there is currently some circumspection about the specific problems that data are helping to solve. Meanwhile, many businesses and public institutions are eager to harness the potential of data, but lack the capacity to access, analyse and interpret it. This calls for a reality check on the added value that data can bring to the sustainable transformation of our mobility systems.

In this Mobility Talks, experts will discuss case studies and best practices of data use in urban mobility, shedding light on the current reality of data use in urban mobility and assessing its potential for the future.

Meet our panellists

Josep Laborda | Co-founder of Factual

Josep Laborda is co-founder and CEO of Factual, a boutique innovation and strategy firm committed to transforming mobility based in Barcelona.

He holds an MSc degree in Telecommunication Engineering from BarcelonaTech University (UPC). Josep has been involved in +30 European Research & Innovation projects in the fields of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CCAM), the intersection of space technology with mobility, nudging sustainable mobility behaviours, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and data management.

Daniel Hofmann | Head of BU Road and Mobility at T-Systems International

Daniel Hofmann is Head of BU Road and Mobility at T-Systems International. With his team, he is digitizing the mobility sector. They are developing and operating the Mobilithek – the NAP for Mobility Data in Germany and push Data Platforms for better mobility. Furthermore, he develops solutions for mobility pricing within tolling. Together with GeoMobile, TSI has its own offering for MAAS Apps and accessibility.

He studied Business IT in Regensburg and continued with a consultant career within the automotive industry for Siemens VDO and Capgemini. Parallel he worked as an assistant professor for SW-Engineering at the University of Applied Science Munich. After moving on to T-Systems he built up teams and business for BMW and the Telekom Healthcare. In 2023 he took over the responsibility for the BU.

Daniel is passionate about mobility and as a cycling commuter enthusiastic about the re-shaping of the urban area with all its mobility challenges

Julien Chamussy | CEO & Co-founder of Fluctuo

Julien Chamussy is the CEO and co-founder of Fluctuo, the European leader in mobility enablement.

Fluctuo provides key stakeholders with the most exhaustive, accurate data on the market to accelerate the growth of shared mobility.

Before founding Fluctuo, Julien was Chief Marketing officer at Smovengo, the operator of the Vélib’ service in Paris.

Dana Kaziyeva | Geospatial Developer at Triply

Dana Kaziyeva is a Geospatial Developer at Triply, working on methods and services aimed at monitoring and improving sustainable mobility at a company level.

Concurrently, she is pursuing a doctoral degree in Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg, delving into the transport modelling and regional agent-based simulations of cyclists and pedestrians.

With the background in Geoinformatics, she is experienced in using, managing, and analysing various mobility, built infrastructure, and environmental data within national and transnational research projects.

Tessa Bruneel | Traffic Manager at City of Ghent

Tessa Bruneel works as a traffic manager for the Mobility management center of the City of Ghent. She is responsible for the daily traffic management. This is proactive (f.e. advising road works, events, traffic lights) and reactive (f.e. real-time interventions in case of incidents).

To automise the tasks of the traffic managers as much as possible, she manages projects concerning gathering and processing real-time mobility data (such as FCD, parking occupancy, etc.) as well.

Secondly, she assists in innovation projects regarding traffic lights. Thirdly she explores subsidy opportunities for traffic management, traffic lights, and the whole Mobility Departement of the City of Ghent.

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