EIT Urban Mobility invites you to join three hackathons on 12 and 13 November for free!

On 12 and 13 November, EIT Urban Mobility invites you to join three hackathons hosted by the European Cyclists´ Federation, Go-To-U and the POLIS network.

These three hackathons are organised as part of the DigiEduHack event, a series of online and offline hackathons happening all around the world for two days, focusing on co-creating the future of education at the digital age.

The three hackathons supported by EIT Urban Mobility are open to all, free for all, don´t require coding skills and will take place fully online. The expected outcome of each hackathon is to produce ideas and concepts with a high impact on the society as well as ready-to-be-developed solutions.

Now it is time for you to choose your event:

  • Go-To-U: “Co-create the future of Electric Vehicles charging infrastructure”

Join this hackathon to learn about EV driver’s behavior, their needs, expectation and the main challenges regarding EV charging infrastructure. Tap into data and contribute to building digital solutions!

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  • POLIS network: “Bridging the gap: public-private understanding in urban mobility”

Cities are changing, and so is urban mobility. Join this hackathon to design solutions so that can create trust and cooperation across public-private boundaries.

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  • European cyclists´ Federation: “Building the cycling city of the future”

Cycling is a powerful tool to change the way our cities function, making them more sustainable and resilient. The European Cyclists’ Federation is looking for great ideas to spread the use of bicycles and educate people into it. Join our experts and help us make Europe a cycling superpower.

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Teams winning will get 5.000 euro, while each local hackathon supported by EIT Urban Mobility will propose prizes for the top 3 winning teams of each event.