EIT Urban Mobility: Doctoral Training Network Annual Forum 2020

The first Doctoral Training Network Annual Forum will take place from 15. Sept. 2020, 10:15 to 17. Sept. 2020, 17:00 CEST

The aim of the first Doctoral Training Network Annual Forum is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between academia, cities, NGOs and industry partners in order to solve issues within the field of urban mobility.

Thirty highly motivated doctoral candidates from all over Europe will pitch their research interests to an interdisciplinary and intersectoral audience.

The event will feature inspiring talks on the future of urban mobility by

  • Maria Tsavachidis (CEO, EIT Urban Mobility)
  • Benjamin Büttner (Head of the Doctoral Training Network, EIT Urban Mobility)
  • Nick Tyler (Director of the UCL Centre for Transport Studies)
  • Florinda Boschetti (Director of the City Club, EIT Urban Mobility)
  • Monika Bachofner (Executive and Scientific Manager of CARNET)
  • Vinzent Zenker (Makerspace)
  • Cecília Silva (CITTA – Research Centre for Territory, University of Porto)