EXPIRED! EIT H2-Cities Commercial Officer (Prague)

This job offer has expired!

The Commercial Officer will report to the Director of Innovation and Strategic Alliances for commercial and funding management decisions and escalation. Day-to-day operations will be coordinated with the H2-Cities Project Officer and Communications Officer. The primary focus will be to ensure the adherence to the defined project plan, KPI and activities outlined in the EIT-H2Cities proposal.

This commercial/trouble-shooter role is key as H2-Cities requires overarching coordination and facilitation between private, public, academic, and SME’s differing operational and strategic models. The officer will manage interdependencies, timelines, delays/technical challenges, and issues that will arise during implementation. Each H2 city will be supported through the project lifecycle stages by the commercial/trouble-shooter. This role will both manage the existing project relationships and look to ensure new partners and cities can be integrated over the project period. In relation to monitoring and control, the Commercial Officer will identify problems before they become management issues and flag to the Project Management team. The Commercial Officer will maintain an iterative “Issues Log” to ensure the dependencies, issues and problems are visible to all and their mitigation managed to close.

  • Execution of the EIT-H2 Cities project plan
  • Active monitoring of partners  and work packages interdependence within the consortia
  • Support the SME, industry partners in their relations with cities
  • Attend all quarterly City Delivery Committee meetings
  • Managing risk and mitigation strategy and flag emerging issues
  • Support the integration of new indsurry or city partners into the H2-Cities partnership
  • Leading internal workshops and chair/host external events
  • Coordinating with the EIT H2-Cities Project Officer and Communication Officer
  • Liaising with EIT Climate KIC and EIT Manufacturing as needed
  • Maintain the issues log

How to apply

Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for EIT H2-Cities Commercial Officer

Application form for EIT H2-Cities Commercial Officer

Deadline for applications:  16 January 2023

Location: Prague, Czech Republic