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EIT Urban Mobility is part of a network of nine Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) addressing societal challenges such as climate change (EIT Climate-KIC), industrial innovation (EIT Manufacturing) or digitalisation (EIT Digital). Through the KICs, EIT strengthens cooperation among businesses (including SMEs), higher education institutions and research organisations, forms dynamic pan-European partnerships, and creates favorable environments for creative thought processes and innovations to flourish.

EIT Community refers to a collaborative project initiated by the EIT to bring together multiple KICs from different domains to tackle a common challenge and drive innovation across Europe. The aim of these projects is to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing, and to drive innovation by bringing together diverse expertise and resources. As EIT Community Officer you would facilitate and drive one of these collaborative projects – EIT Artificial Intelligence Community – in collaboration with other KICs.

The role would involve managing the participation of the company (Innovation Hub South, representing EIT Urban Mobility) in the EIT Artificial Intelligence Community EIT Community project, including overseeing project planning and execution, budget management, and stakeholder engagement. Additionally, the position would involve supporting the City Development Manager in activities related to Data Spaces, including participation in Gaia-X Spain, managing stakeholders, conducting use case assessments, and scouting funding opportunities.

Main tasks and responsibilities regarding the EIT Artificial Intelligence Community EIT Community project include:

  • Drive the execution of EIT Urban Mobility’ activities in the project.
  • Monitor and report of these activities.
  • Conduct one-to-one reviews with key industry/city/academics on their innovation portfolio, issues and needs.
  • Coordinate best practise exchange within the project.
  • Create effective messaging on the EIT Artificial Intelligence Community activities to ensure more effective dissemination.
  • Joint organisation and participation in high level events.

Main tasks and responsibilities regarding Data Spaces-related activities include:

  • Provide overall support in all activities related to Data Spaces, including project management, planning, and execution, and ensuring that all initiatives align with the company’s overall goals and objectives.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders involved in Data Spaces initiatives, both internal – such as EIT Urban Mobility Special Interest Group (SIG) on Data Spaces – and external – such as Gaia-X Spain and the pan-European Gaia-X Data Space Business Committee.
  • Conduct assessments of potential Data Space use cases.
  • Proactively scout for funding opportunities in the Data Space arena.

City development for Innovation Hub South (30% of the workload):

The main goal of Innovation Hubs of EIT Urban Mobility is to bring together public and private sector stakeholders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to create a more sustainable, efficient, and accessible mobility system. The main objectives of Innovation Hub South are thus to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and promote sustainable mobility solutions in southern-European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Malta, Greece, and Cyprus).

Cities are at the heart of everything we do. We facilitate cities to deploy new solutions with the help of private sector and education partners to transition to a decarbonised and equitable mobility and transport system in Europe.

Main tasks and responsibilities regarding city development for Innovation Hub include:

  • Establish and ensure strong relationships with local and regional public authorities in all countries and regions covered by the Innovation Hub, stimulating their active participation in all KIC activities.
  • Actively facilitate networking and innovation activities in the regional ecosystem and across Innovation Hubs.
  • Establish and maintain business processes of and/or linked to Innovation Hub operations.
  • Proactively support the City Development Manager in identifying cities and regions that could become partners of our innovation community (support in leads management).

How to apply

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Deadline for applications:  30 March 2023

Location: Barcelona (Spain)