Buddy Service - Startup ETI UM


Buddy Service is a startup from Barcelona that has developed on-site service App to connect travellers who experience disabilities with other users and local service providers.


Journify is the intelligent carpooling system for daily commuting, promoting connectivity, and sustainable efficient mobility.


Reducimos un 30% los costes logísticos de empresas de distribución y logística mediante la mejora del proceso de planificación gracias a nuestra tecnología de inteligencia artificial y optimización de rutas.


Nemi makes public transport in low-density areas feasible by providing a software solution that enables flexible bus services. With every new service, we work with the competent public authority to set up a range of stops in a territory and a set of expeditions. Whoever wants to use the service, must make a trip request through the user app. Based on the requests gathered, Nemi optimizes the route to serve only the stops that were requested, saving thus kilometres travelled and emissions.



Meep is a mobile app that encourages a modal shift towards more sustainable and improved mobility, and a behavioral shift towards multi-modal trips. Through Meep, users can search for, book and pay for trips within a single transaction – eliminating the need for multiple apps. Users can combine several modes of transportation, both public and private and free-floating and stationary, to complete a single journey, allowing for more efficient, personalized city travel.



Last Mile Logistics Management Platform: Empowering digitalization in the urban distribution of goods