ModelMe3D unleashes and facilitates the collective intelligence, creativity, decision-making and investment needed for building sustainable future visions and higher values. ModelMe3d is more than just visualizing geo-data.

ModelMe3d is about creating new ways of exchanging knowledge and data between planners, policy makers, stakeholders and the general public.


BAQME is a sharing platform that provides on-demand access to electric box bikes, without people having to buy or lease and cope with ownership inconveniences.

Citysteps B.V.

With a structured way of incorporating shared mobility to the urban space, Citysteps improves traffic flow management offering driving comfort and modern design to the user.

Qarin BV

Taking care of the first- and the last-mile and helping people with reduced mobility with transitions between different transport operators.


Digital twin solutions for smart mobility ranging from on-demand logistic management to e-mobility gamification.