Logo Motionpass


The MotionPass platform connects car drivers in a specific location, with the businesses and services nearby, allowing them to find, order and pay for services “on-the-go”.


An emission-free and fully autonomous transportation system above today’s traffic thanks to tracks with passive switches that enable door2door travel for people and goods.

VePa – Vertical Parking

VePa provides the most sustainable and space-efficient parking infrastructure for cities, companies and institutions, facilitating transition from traditional to emission-free mobility.


CogniBIT simulates human cognition and behavior in traffic to make autonomous cars safe in the interaction with human road users.

Atlas Aero

Atlas Aero is building Origin – an airplane which combines the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities leading to unrivaled efficiency in forward flight.

Hopper Mobility GbR

The Hopper combines the best of car and bicycle: comfortable, fast, rainproof and environmentally friendly to the destination. As a bicycle, it is the perfect solution for individual urban mobility.