CALL FOR ORGANISING PARTNERS: 2022 New European Bauhaus Hackathon

On 18 January 2021, the Commission launched the design phase of the New European Bauhaus initiative. The New European Bauhaus is an environmental, social and cultural initiative, aiming to simultaneously combine quality of experience (including aesthetics), sustainability (including circularity), and inclusiveness (including accessibility and affordability) in order to help deliver the European Green Deal.  

 The EIT Community New European Bauhaus is led by EIT Climate-KIC with participation of EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility. The mission aims to bridge the gap between science and technology on the one hand, and arts and culture on the other, promoting business through startups, ideation and education, as well as citizen education and engagement. With that purpose, EIT Community New European Bauhaus engages with European innovators to overcome fragmentations in the European innovation landscape, works together with universities and stakeholders in the identification of problems and solutions, and ensures civil society engagement in the New European Bauhaus movement.   


We are inviting participation by partner organizations of the EIT Community New European Bauhaus (partners of EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility) that can prove capability and/or experience in hosting hackathons, as well as mission alignment to New European Bauhaus principles through past projects or current activities, and organisational core values. In the inaugural New European Bauhaus Hackathons of 2022, we are looking for six hosts to co-organize and simultaneously host one New European Bauhaus hackathon each.  

This Call is open in this edition only to EIT Community New European Bauhaus partners as this is the first ever New European Bauhaus Hackathons. The activity is therefore operating as a pilot that will support the consolidation of a model to be iterated in the next years. As a result, for this year’s opportunity the EIT Community New European Bauhaus is working only with partners of their ecosystem that have already proved experience and engagement with the New European Bauhaus. The subsequent following calls to be issued as from 2023, once the model is consolidated, will be open to partners and non-partners. 

Call Calendar:

Call opening …………… 6 April 2022 

Call closing ……………….6 June 2022 (23:59CEST)

Events & information sessions: 

  • Information session planned for 6 May 2022 (details will be published soon) 


  • Eligible organizations are partners of at least one of the EIT Community New European Bauhaus (EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility). 
  • The applicant must be a private or public “legal entity”.  
  • The Application Form must clearly select minimum one EIT Community New European Bauhaus challenge to address from those listed in the Thematic Axes in Section 2.2 of this Call.  

How to apply 

The Call is a one-stage process: the submission of full proposal followed by assessment and decision outcome.

To apply for any of the three Calls: 

Cal to Action & Guidelines, and Application Forms