Call for Expression of Interest: H2CITIES 

Applications now open for the selection of cities to be H2Cities beneficiaries and demonstrators. 

Hydrogen adoption has been plagued by a circular conundrum: high production cost, low demand, no infrastructure, and cities lacking knowledge, relations, and capacity to adapt to hydrogen. In response, the H2CITIES project, funded by the EIT, will create Hydrogen Living Labs in two cities. 

The final objective of H2CITIES is to support the transition to H2 in cities for clean transport and accessibility of all citizens. This is the first step of a complex and multi-step transition that will culminate when fully clean/green H2 is used. 

Each H2City selected will benefit from up to five types of hydrogen vehicles on their streets from among buses, waste trucks, shuttles, lightweight public services, private cars, and logistics trucks. The Candidate Cities will also have direct funding to support their engagement and adoption. Innovators will demonstrate new products, build out supply chains, test new components and work with local community and citizens on adapting to a new hydrogen economy. H2CITIES will break the circular conundrum to build a replicable roadmap for other cities to add hydrogen into their existing Net Zero strategies. 

The project provides a unique opportunity for cities to place themselves at the forefront of the EU Hydrogen Valley strategy.  

The H2CITIES project is also an umbrella programme for wider engagement beyond the immediate funding available. H2CITIES will fund two cities in the immediate workplan. Additionally, it will create a city reserve list to be used when additional funding is allocated. 

EOI Main Features 

Info sessions and contact details 

Expression of interest Main Features    
Key dates of the EOI calendar  Expression opening: 21 March 2023 
Submission of application closing: 26 June 2023 at 17:00 CET 
Submission evaluation: July 2023 
Second stage of application: September 2023 
Second stage evaluation: October 2023 
Communication of results: By end of October 2023 
Tentative start of the projects: January 2024 
Total estimated EIT Funding allocated to this call   340.000€ in total with the selection of 2 cities (170.000€ per city as maximum) 
Project duration  End of December 2025 
Submission portal   EIT Urban Mobility Awards Platform 
H2CITIES website 
List of documents to be submitted  – Application form on the Awards platform 
List of documents to take into consideration  

EOI Manual

EIT Urban Mobility Strategic Agenda 2021-2027 

Eligibility of expenditure 

Appeal procedure 

Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement 

Presentation Kick-Off Webinar (English)

Presentation Kick-Off Webinar (Polish)

Presentation Kick-Off Webinar (Slovak)

Presentation Kick-Off Webinar (Hungarian)

Short summary of the topics to be addressed  City H2 Strategy, City Environmental services, Passenger Services, Citizen Engagement, any interesting related additional info. 
Evaluation criteria  
Section Compulsory  Score  Threshold  
Application Information Yes n/a  n/a  
City H2 Strategy Yes 25 15 
Environmental Services Yes  25 15 
Passenger Services Yes  25 15 
Citizen Engagement Yes  25 15 
Additional Information No n/a n/a 

To help applicants with the preparation and submission of their proposals, EIT Urban Mobility will prepare a series of events both online and face-to-face . These informative events will focus for one side on the EOI content, the challenges, the submission and evaluation procedures, and the financial aspects.  

On the other side, as part of the CITIES ANIMATION PLAN, webinar in local language and local events will be organized to explain to Cities Authorities H2Cities programme and its objectives. Online events will be recorded and made available on the EITs and the H2CITIES Project website in the RESOURCES section. 

Please find the calendar of events and the link to register in the table below: 

Type of event  Topic covered  Date and time (CET)  Link
Webinar  EOI info session / H2CITIES Project Kick-Off and EOI info session/English language session10 May 2023 
14.00 – 15.30 CET 
Webinar EOI info session / Czech language session 23 May 2023 
14.00 – 15.00 CET 
Eventbrite registration 
Webinar EOI info session / Slovak language session 18 May 2023 
14.00 – 15.00 CET 
Webinar EOI info session / Polish language session 19 May 2023 
10:00 – 11:00 CET 
Webinar  EOI info session / Hungarian language session 22 May 2023 
14.00 – 15.00 CET 
Local event H2Cities programme and its objectives TBD where and when Presential 
Local event H2Cities programme and its objectives TBD where and when Presential 

In parallel to the call information sessions, all applicants may contact the general helpdesk to resolve any concerns or doubts on the general/technical procedures and EOI content. Helpdesk can, upon request, organize dedicated one-on-one session to ensure that interested cities have the opportunity to discuss specificities of their proposal. 

These are the key contact details of the EIT Urban Mobility team for questions related to this call:  

Type of contact  Email  
Legal, Financial, Administrative, and general procedures