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Why study Advanced Mobility Servies at the EIT Urban Mobility Master School?

The mobility challenges generated by rapid urbanization, e-commerce activities providing door to door deliveries, as well as the urgent need for more sustainable transport systems require the creation and development of innovative urban mobility solutions for people and goods. Trends such as Mobility as a Service, Logistics as a Service, Sustainable City Logistics, Vehicle Sharing, Internet of Things, Micromobility, Smart Mobility and Mobility Platforms, are some of the developments that have the potential to radically reshape our urban systems and create more livable and safer cities.
This programme takes a holistic approach to studying, designing, and implementing advanced mobility services by integrating technical expertise with innovative approaches and entrepreneurial skills so that graduates have the tools they need to implement new ideas to innovative urban logistic and mobility services to shape a more sustainable urban future.

How is the programme structured?

All programmes at the EIT Urban Mobility Master School have a unique study path:

  • Students study one year each at two different universities, the “entry” university and the “exit” university. All options are located at a leading university in Europe in the field of urban mobility.
  • Graduating students will be awarded two officially recognised Master of Science degrees, from each of the two universities. Moreover, the programme is designed so that students may attain the qualifications for a certificate awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.*
  • During the first-year studies, students will be introduced Innovation and Entrepreneurship and participate in an extended Challenge Project. During the same year, students will acquire essential technical skills for working with urban mobility challenges.
  • Between the first and second year, students will participate in a Summer School applying new skills to two different cities within Europe.
  • In the second year, students will choose from several more specialised courses in both technical content and innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will also participate in a shorter challenge project that includes an internship at a company or organisation working to meet urban mobility challenges. To complete their degree, in the second year, students will carry out an independent master thesis, combining and demonstrating their full set of technical and entrepreneurial skills.
  • You will have a wide range of career opportunities, within the public and private sector, as well as the business know-how to start your own business or conduct rigorous research.

*Subject to upcoming EIT approval process.

Who can apply?

Candidates should have a solid foundation in quantitative, technical and business and/or economics methods as demonstrated by a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering or Information engineering.
Additionally, the Advanced Mobility Services programme also welcomes applicants with a technical degree (any other engineering degree, mathematics, physics, statistics, information science) with substantial coursework in business and/or economics.

Where can I study Advanced Mobility Services?

The available study routes for the Advanced Mobility Services programme are the following:

*All study routes that include TU Braunschweig require either a prior degree in Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering or Economics or at least 35 ECTS prior coursework in business and/or economics.

**If you choose POLIMI as one of your entry preferences and you have a non-Italian degree (or you are completing your bachelor’s outside Italy), you need to submit an additional application on POLIMI’s Online Services for the Master of Science in Mobility, in parallel with your EIT Urban Mobility application. For instructions and local deadlines for your POLIMI application, please refer to the application procedures of POLIMI. The application deadline is February 1st for Period 1 and March 9th for Period 2.

What are the career opportunities?

Career opportunities for graduates of the Advanced Mobility Services Master programme are found in both the public and private sectors, across Europe and Worldwide, and they encourage graduates to get involved in innovation strategies and business creation. The skills learned in this programme are highly demanded in a broad sense in the fields of, among others, logistics, transport managers, mobility authorities and the automotive sector.

Advanced Mobility Services

120 ECTS

2 years, full-time

Hold a Bachelor of Science in… More Information.

Tuition fees & scholarships
For EU and non-EU citizens. More Information

Language of instruction
English. More Information.

Partner Universities
TU Braunschweig

Application period
Open now until April 16, 2021. See detailed information.

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