Launch of Academy Call for Proposals

Urban mobility faces a number of challenges. We need solutions accelerating the transformation towards a sustainable mobility ecosystem and with a focus on liveable spaces. This requires a systemic approach involving all key stakeholder groups and calls for change regarding what we do and how it is done. A key element to manage this transformation is to close the knowledge gap within the area. We need to secure that the required capabilities and capacity are available to plan for and handle the transformation and to be relevant in a new context, a new urban mobility paradigm. This education or training need can be summarised as ability to implement and leverage on new technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and system transformation and change. This is an ongoing process and during 2020 the COVID-pandemic resulted in an increased awareness regarding the need for the urban mobility transformation and change in general.  

Since the start of 2019, the EIT Urban Mobility has built up a portfolio of education and training offerings with a focus on master and doctoral level students, as well as professionals working within urban mobility. We now need to take the Academy to the next level. We have identified a number of well-defined problems or needs to address. We look for proposals to support us creating a relevant and widely applied education and training portfolio in line with our strategic ambitions and targeted impact. 

We look forward to receiving your applications for inclusion in the Business Plan 2022 – 2024. 

Main features of the call (aim and segments) 

The overall purpose of the Academy area is to close the knowledge gap within urban mobility, enabling the development of mobility for liveable urban spaces. The Academy Call focuses on improving our Master School and Competence Hub activities.

For the Master School, we look for new more efficient teaching concepts, summer schools, marketing and raising awareness initiatives as well as specific activities improving teaching and training in the RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) regions. 

The Competence Hub, our professional school targeting lifelong learning, welcomes proposals regarding urban mobility courses (online, blended, or face-to-face) with significant potential in impact and revenue. In addition, proposals concerning meeting city staff education and training needs, multi-stakeholder courses, hackathons, as well as proposals targeting RIS regions are most welcome. 


The Academy Call is open to any type of organisation. The proposal should be submitted by a consortium comprising of minimum 2 sub-grantees from 2 different countries – EU Member State or associated country. 

Call summary

First Call for Proposals for Academy for BP 2022 – 2024: Main Features 

Call opening: 19 March 2021 
Call closing: 18 May 2021 
Eligibility and admissibility check: End of May 2021 
Evaluation of proposals: June 2021 
Communication of results: beginning of July 2021 

Budget allocation 
Up to about 2.4 million EUR 

Link to submission portal 
PLAZA platform – OPEN NOW!

List of documents to be submitted 
Application form available on the Plaza platform

List of documents to take into consideration 
Business Plan 2022 – 2024 first call for proposals for Academy
EIT Urban Mobility Strategic Agenda 2021-2027 (link below) 
Call Guidelines for applicants (link below) 
Appeal Procedure (link below)
Eligibility of expenditures (link below)
List of KPIs (link below)
Monitoring and reporting (link below)
Frequently Asked Questions – First Calls for BP2022-2024 (link below)
Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement

Short summary of the topics to be addressed 
Master School: 
A number of specified activity areas to meet the EIT Urban Mobility Master School targets, including summer schools, marketing and awareness raising activities, increased geographical scope, efficiency improvements and the curricula. 

Competence Hub: 
A number of specified activity areas to meet the EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub targets, including meeting unmet market needs, improved marketing and sales and financial sustainability, efficiency improvements and increased geographical scope and market. 

Evaluation criteria 
For the strategic fit evaluation
Alignment with the scope of one of the stated call activities, see 3.4.2. Scope of the activities. Activities are thereby aligned with the EIT Urban Mobility SA.  
KPIs in line with or exceeding the minimum level requirement, as stated for the respective call type of activity, see 3.4.2. Scope of the activities.  
Potential of impact in line with or exceeding the minimum level requirement as stated for the respective call type of activity, see 3.4.2. Scope of the activities.  

For the full proposal evaluation (if passing the strategic fit evaluation)
Excellence and novelty 
Impact and financial sustainability 
Quality and efficiency of the implementation 

Find all the information about this call below!

Supporting documents:

NEW! Additional document:

Contact details 

General aspects of the call 
Specific aspects for Academy 


You can find the calendar on the main events here.