A European initiative
to create liveable urban spaces

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We do this by:

  • engaging cities and citizens
  • putting new mobility solutions into practice
  • reclaiming public space for public use

The EIT Urban Mobility map

Solutions to complex problems call for an integrated approach.
Our programmes mean we cover the main subjects involved in facilitating better urban mobility while our interlinked structure allows us to share the results across the organisation. Learn more about each programme
by passing over the map circles.

Our approach

We engage ​

City challenges are at the centre of everything we do. We stimulate behavioural
 change that benefits people
and cities by engaging citizens and transport users from the word go.

We engage

We connect

We bring all the key players in urban mobility together and encourage them to co-create.
We aim to align solutions with the values and needs of society and to break down the silos between the actors.

We connect

We accelerate

We boost the competitiveness of Europe’s urban mobility industry by facilitating new business ideas and innovation, highlighting market opportunities and encouraging the appearance of new business models and players.

We accelerate

We educate

We work on closing the knowledge gap on urban mobility through challenge-based training aimed at students and professionals using the latest education methodologies across disciplines and sectors.

We educate


Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility: Get your mobility solution funded and implemented in Barcelona.

Funded by EIT Urban Mobility, the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat, DGT, and Fira de Barcelona, the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility was created to boost the implementation of innovative urban mobility projects. The first […]
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CHILDFY: Improving mobility in the city of Cascais.

The city of Cascais, Portugal, has recently implemented the innovative CHILDFY project, funded by EIT Urban Mobility. The project focuses on providing new mobility solutions to students and young children, with the aim of creating a more sustainable urban mobility […]
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The art of acceleration – why is it needed?  

On 20 February, EIT Urban Mobility will launch the call for applications for its thematic accelerator programmes. This year, EIT Urban Mobility expanded its portfolio of programmes with three new themes: Future Mobility, Inclusive Mobility and Smart Mobility. They complement […]
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