A look back at the 28 agile innovation pilot projects in Europe in 2023

In anticipation of the agile innovation calls for 2024, we look back at the success in 2023.

2024 agile innovation programmes

In 2024, EIT Urban Mobility expects to fund 12 SME led projects stemming from the Small Call, expected to launch toward the end of November. Register now for the Small Call information session.

It is also planned to award 15 projects between start-ups and cities from City RAPTOR Competition. The Expression of Interest for cities across Europe is currently open to those looking for innovative solutions to a pressing urban mobility challenge. Make sure to express your interest via: raptorproject.eu

2023 agile innovation pilots

Out of 272 applications, 27 promising start-ups and SMEs from 17 European countries were selected to participate in the three agile innovation programmes offered by EIT Urban Mobility in 2023. The high number of applications provides evidence of the strength of entrepreneurship and innovation in the urban mobility and transport sectors.

EIT Urban Mobility’s agile innovation programmes provide the selected start-ups and SMEs with the structure and support to pilot their solutions in a real-life environment with a city/municipality or end client. The programmes support the acceleration of innovation through rapid piloting and development, allowing cities and end-clients the opportunity to test before investing in state-of-the-art innovations.

The race to achieve 2030 net-zero targets across Europe is intensifying. EIT Urban Mobility is on a mission to facilitate this shift to more sustainable urban mobility. To support achievement of these targets, our agile innovation programmes allow us to fund more small projects, helping to mitigate the risk inherent in innovation. Through our agile innovation programmes, which run for between 5-8 months, we provide crucial support to start-ups and SMEs to pilot their close-to-market solutions in real-life environments. Participation in these programmes provides a pathway to wider co-operation with the EIT Urban Mobility ecosystem and helps start-ups and SMEs to overcome some barriers to procurement.

Gareth Macnaughton, Director of Innovation

Small Call for SMEs 2023

The Innovation Small Call contributes to the EIT Urban Mobility’s societal impact goal of job creation and strengthening the European urban mobility sector. The Small Calls offer a pathway for SMEs to expand and grow.

The call supports SMEs enter business and commercial relations with businesses, transport providers, cities, and city authorities that have heavy procurement and compliance requirements. Often these complex rules base excludes SMEs, de facto, from entering the market and driving faster innovation and better solutions.

The Small Call supports SMEs in developing a new, or significantly improved, product/service/solution for expansion into a new industry sector or new geographic market. It provides SMEs with an opportunity to do full usage testing with a live end-client within the project timeline. 

For questions or queries, please contact Taylor Sawyer at taylor.sawyer@eiturbanmobility.eu

City RAPTOR 2023

Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) is a competition that swiftly creates and tests solutions to niche urban mobility challenges for businesses and cities across Europe. Start-ups and SMEs compete to provide the most innovative, feasible, and impactful solutions.

In 2023, the selected 12 start-ups and SMEs will test their innovative solutions via in-situ demonstrations with the associated city partner.

To learn more please visit: https://raptorproject.eu/ or contact us at raptor@eiturbanmobility.eu

#ChallengeMyCity 2023

#ChallengeMyCity is a service for European cities to test innovative mobility solutions that target their needs and can be integrated into their long-term mobility strategy. The 2023 call for proposals for the cities of Braga in Portugal and Heraklion in Greece. In each city, urban mobility challenges are addressed via the testing of awarded innovative mobility solutions.